4th Year | Biology, Chemistry





You Should Know That I’m:

super down to try anything and to always push out of my comfort zone but will never be opposed to a chill evening of just doing nothing! I have jumped around potential career paths half a million times so I’m pretty well versed in most pre-health paths, research, education and entrepreneurship so feel free to grill me on anything! I also have a strong meme game.


ReinventED Lab (Education Innovation Nonprofit), VSA, Madison House Medical Services, Organic Chemistry TA, ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team), Independent Research, PAFN (lol), GMT (Global Medical Training)

Secret Talent:

It’s honestly so secret even I don’t know it. If you figure it out please let me know…please

Fun Fact:

When I was a kid my mom said I had a skeleton inside me and I couldn’t sleep I was so scared.

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

I’m not biased at all but take organic chem with Serbulea or Genetics with Cronmiller. Both classes are challenging but I can’t understate 1) how rewarding it is in terms of your development as a leaner and 2) how easy every other class will feel in comparison 🙂

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

Intro to Civic Leadership (PPOL 3210) with Eileen Chou. Professor Chou is fantastic and honestly it is so immediately applicable to everything we do as student leaders in our community