3rd Year | Biology | Pre-med

Minor: Bioethics





You Should Know That I’m:

very approachable and truly want my advisees to have a great time at UVA! You can always talk to me about academics, extracurriculars, your personal life, or anything at all because I’m here for you! Also, I am a huge foodie so you can count on me taking you to explore food places in Cville :))


Madison House Medical Services, Undergraduate Research, Organization of Young Filipino Americans, Vietnamese Student Association

Secret Talent:

no matter how cold it is outside, I can always enjoy some ice cream!

Fun Fact:

This past year I was a certified baby cuddler!

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

As premed or biology/science major, I would recommend taking Medical Anthropology! I myself have not taken the course but hope to in the future because I have heard that it provides many different views in medicine and is a relatively easy course. If you are a science major, I definitely recommend supplementing your “hard science” classes with more liberal arts classes. I also recommend Emergency Medical Care (a KINE course) because it takes that next step in premed classes and gives you hands-on experience. After this course you can also become CPR-certified!

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

Intro to Asian American Studies (AMST 3180) is an incredibly fulfilling and worthwhile course, and by far my favorite class that I’ve taken at UVA! This class really helped me get in touch with my identity as an Asian American and provides a perspective in race and identity that you cannot find anywhere else at UVA. Professor Chong is so, so incredibly passionate about what she teaches. Although there are readings, they are worthwhile and you also get to watch really interesting films!