4th Year | Biology | Pre-med





You Should Know That I’m:

ALWAYS down to get food or go on adventures; I love exploring Charlottesville and finding new places to eat. I’m also really passionate about science and biology, so I can be kind of nerdy at times haha. Some of my favorite TV shows are The Flash, The Arrow, Gotham, Friends, Parks and Rec, and Sherlock Holmes. And I’ll always be here for you if you ever need someone to talk to or a helping hand.


Organization of Young Filipino Americans, Undergraduate Introductory Biology Lab Peer Teacher, Undergraduate Researcher at the School of Medicine, Madison House Medical Services Volunteer, ULink

Secret Talent:

I can cook

Fun Fact:

My mom originally wanted to name me Shaquille after Shaquille O’neal the basketball player.

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

BIOL 3000: Cell Biology with Professor Wormington! He’s such a great lecturer and the material is so interesting. You learn about fascinating topics such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, cystic fibrosis, and more! You also learn the underlying mechanisms behind them and how to treat them. This is by far my favorite core class for the biology major (and one of my favorite classes that I’ve taken at UVA) and it also prepares you for the MCAT!

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

MUSI 1310: Basic Musical Skills! This class is super chill, especially if you’ve ever had some sort of musical training in the past! The class is pretty low maintenance with only a few assignments and you can study the night before the exams and still do fine!