4th Year | Cognitive Science, Computer Science




Richmond (Midlothian)

You Should Know That I’m:

always willing to talk and hang out! I love making food and trying different places around Charlottesville, and I’m open to exploring different food options! I’m super excited to meet you!


Chinese Student Association, Madison House, VISAS, PAFN

Secret Talent:

I can make rice-cooker pancakes ^__^

Fun Fact:

I studied abroad in South Korea last summer!

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

-CS 1110 Intro into Computer Science : Even if you’ve taken Computer Science in high school, it’s good to refresh your memory with a college-level CS class. It also helps you determine whether or not you want to pursue this major.

-PSYC 2150 Intro into Cognition : This class is an integrated elective for Computer Science and a core class in Cognitive Science (perfect if you’re double majoring ^__^) This class actually got me interested in Cognitive Science and is one of the reasons why I’m double majoring.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

-SLAV 2360 Dracula : This class is really interesting! Towards the end of the semester, you get to watch a lot of movies and even anime. This class also counts toward your 2nd Writing Requirement if you’re in the College. The exams are pretty easy as long as you show up to class!