4th Year | Computer Science, Studio Art





You Should Know That I’m:

open and always willing to listen or talk about things. Also I love movies so hmu to chill and watch stuff


Chinese Student Association, AKAdeMiX Dance Crew

Secret Talent:

Good at recognizing voices

Fun Fact:

My Starbucks name is Lily

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

CS 1110 – Intro to Programming
This is the first required course for any computer science major and a great introduction into programming for anyone who is interested. Great professors and not a lot of very hard work once you get a hang of coding, projects are pretty fun as well.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

ENCW 2300 – Intro to Poetry Writing
For anyone who is interested in creative writing, this class is both fun, chill, and teaches you a lot about the art of poetry. Not a whole lot of tough assignments, most of them consist of reading or writing poetry, and the smaller classroom atmosphere allows for good discussions and learning a lot about your classmates.