4th Year | Computer Science




Norfolk, VA

You Should Know That I’m:

always down to have food adventures! One thing that I absolutely love doing is reviewing restaurants over Facebook Live with my friends. I’ve done videos for over a dozen Charlottesville restaurants now so if you’re looking for some real, classy insight of where to go for your next date, brunch or munchies, hit me up and maybe join me for a livestream!


The Cavalier Daily, Engineering Student Council, Organization of Young Filipino Americans

Secret Talent:

I may be deep into the E-School but I’m actually pretty musical too! I can play five different instruments so if you’re looking for someone to jam with, I’ve got ya covered!

Fun Fact:

I have a photography business that I started in the middle of my first year! It’s been a wild ride but it’s taken me to all sorts of events like the football games, school formals and even New York City to cover the ACC Men’s Basketball tournament!

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

11/10 would recommend taking Cloud Computing! You most likely won’t be able to take this class until maybe your third or fourth year but it’s definitely one of the most marketable classes you can take in the CS department. In my opinion, t’s the most commericially relevant elective offered and you get to work on Amazon Web Services using free credits. When I took the class we did some pretty cool things like creating customized voice commands on Amazon Elexa/Echo and working chatbots on Slack!

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

Last semester I took “Voice Class” through the Music department and it was honestly the BEST thing ever. It’s a class for people who have musical backgrounds but have never classically learned how to sing. All you mostly do is come to class and sing pieces and scales! It’s a two-credit course and if you’re in the E-School, it counts as an easy HSS elective. It’s a small class of ten people but you learn from one of the best private voice coaches in the department and by the end of it, you’ll be sure to find your own voice! I know I definitely gained a lot of confidence and skill after going through the class.