3rd Year | Biology, South Asian Studies| Pre-dent




Chester (close to Richmond)

You Should Know That I:

really enjoy traveling to foreign countries because I love learning about other cultures & languages! Which is one of the reasons I decided to major in South Asian studies, since I am an Indian American I wanted to learn more about my own culture. However, I’ve wanted to be a dentist since I was in kindergarten so I can’t forget about the sciences, so I’m also majoring in Biology. Also if you like anything Bollywood related, we are already bffs. I love old/new Bollywood movies, music and Indian TV shows too! In the past I have played basketball, done Tae Kwon Do, swimming and field hockey!


I am part of the Muslim Student Association, Middle Eastern Mentoring-ship Program, Pakistani Student Association, Indian Student Association and most importantly PAFN! 😉

Secret Talent:

I am double jointed in my hands and fingers! Which makes me really flexible and I’m able to bend my hands and fingers in really weird ways! Sorry if you’re grossed out by this kind of stuff lol

Fun Fact:

I literally love every type of music!! Whether its Bollywood, American, country, Spanish, hip hop, classical, R&B etc. I’m also one of those annoying people who will sing along to any song even if I don’t know the right words…I just can’t help myself.

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

A HISA course with Nabaparna Ghosh; she is a great professor and class is never boring. Professor Ghosh is one of the reasons that I decided to major in South Asian Studies!

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

My first year I took “What Makes Us Tick?” with Sandra Siedel. This class is was super easy and really interesting especially if you’re interested in biology or are pre-med. Dean Siedel is such a quirky & fun person to have as a professor! Also Chinese Calligraphy was by far the easiest class I’ve ever taken!!! Basically all you had to do was show up to class, which was just once a week. However, I’m not sure if its offered anymore… can’t imagine why.