3rd Year | Foreign Affairs, Media Studies | Pre-law




Salt Lake City/Qingdao, China

You Should Know That I’m:

obsessed with everything Pixar. Also I have a weird, irrational fear of leprechauns.


Cru Christian Fellowship, Student Council (Marketing & Communications chair) PAFN (obviously), Graphic designer for UVA Dining, Graphic designer for Student Activities

Secret Talent:

Looking things up on Google.

Fun Fact:

One of my admissions essays to UVA was about how much I hate Comic Sans (the font).

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

Modern Political Theory (PLPT 3020) with Stephen White! It was a fantastic course with content that will definitely apply to other politics courses you take. Professor White is terrific as well!

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

Introduction to Social Psychology is a lot of fun. Not a walk in the park, but the concepts are definitely easy to understand, and it’s super interesting material that you can definitely use to your advantage in social situations (*wink wink*)