4th Year | Biology | Pre-med





You Should Know That I:

mainly enjoy hip hop and house music. I like to go hangout in Downtown Charlottesville and walk around. I like to play pool and card games.


Korean Student Association (KSA), UVA PAFN Advisor, Undergraduate Researcher in UVA School of Medicine, VISAS

Secret Talent:

I can do a few freestyle soccer tricks.

Fun Fact:

I am open and willing to anything I haven’t done.

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

First, I would recommend finding a research mentor that will allow you to have your own independently-driven project under his/her guidance. Then, I would suggest to take BIOL 4910/4920. This was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at UVA. If you find a lab where you have clear communication with your mentor and where your mentor wants you to succeed, then you will learn and develop scientific skills necessary to succeed in a Biology Major. In addition, there will be a support system established in the lab already if there are current undergraduates in the lab. The current undergraduates will serve as more resources with relevant course material and more advice.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

A fun easy A course that I would take is Black Fire. You get the chance to learn about Black History at UVA from a very enthusiastic teacher. In addition, the course covers a history UVA requirement, and the course has no reading and little outside work.