4th Year | Chemistry| Pre-med

Minor: Biology




Virginia Beach

You Should Know That I’m:

a calm and level-headed person who is always free to help in a crisis. I always have my phone on me so it is really easy to get in contact with me.


PAFN, Brown College, Sustained Dialogue

Secret Talent:

I can do a spot on impersonation of a monkey

Fun Fact:

I have gone indoor skydiving

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

If you are interested in being a chemistry major or just simply pre-med, i recommend taking Organic Chemistry with Professor Fraser. Orgo is not always an enjoyable class but Fraser makes it significantly more manageable than the other professors.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

I would recommend taking a History of South Asia class with Richard Barnett. I took his Afghanistan and Pakistan (AFPAK) class. Not only is this a really interesting class, but it is also an easy A that can fufill the second writing requirement, and non-western perspective.