2nd Year | Classics, Statistics| Pre-law

Minor: Linguistics





You Should Know That I’m:

sooo excited that they have chosen UVA, and I want to help welcome them to *the best* university ever.


Spectrum Theatre, First Year Players, Classics Club, Virginia Players, QSU Asexuality and Romantic Diversity Committee

Secret Talent:

Does ballet count?

Fun Fact:

I starred in an original musical about singing pieces of poop

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

CLAS 3150 — Gods and Androids. This course covers extremely interesting material on films, tv shows, comic books, and ancient epic poetry. It makes many connections between ancient and modern works of literature. This is honestly one of the most thought-provoking classes I’ve ever taken, and we spend a lot of the course (legitimately) studying films and comic books and comparing them with works like the Iliad, the Aeneid, and the Argonautika. Previous experience in Classics is helpful but NOT necessary.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

ANTH 2430 — Languages of the World: No exams, only 5 homework assignments, 1 essay, and super interesting material. While it is technically an anthropology course, it comes off more as a linguistics one.

USEM 1570 — Death, Dying, and Bereavement: Extremely easy course, literally everyone gets an A, only 3 essays, 1 meeting a week, and the professor lets you out an hour early. The material is somewhat morbid (there’s a field trip to a funeral home) but it is very interesting and the professor is really funny.