2nd Year | Computer Engineer





You Should Know That I’m:

a very jolly, trustworthy, and reliable person. I am willing to help with whatever question you may need answered, or any problem you may need advice on.


Cavalier Symphony Orchestra, Organization of Young Filipino Americans, Engineering Student Council, Society of Women Engineers, ULink

Secret Talent:

making Lumpia Shanghai (spring rolls)

Fun Fact:

Despite my major, I am a very musical person. I can play the flute, piccolo, ukulele, guitar, one-handed piano, and can sort of, kind of, sing and dance (?).

(also, my biggest dream is to pet a squirrel)

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

I would recommend CS 1110 with Luther T. because this class may either make it or break it for you, whether or not you like Computer Science or anything related to Computer Science, or not. With the professor, he is very passionate about the subject and portrays and speaks about his knowledge to the students very well, which intrigued me to continue with my thoughts of doing something related to computer science.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

I have a whole excel sheet of possible easy A elective courses. Just hit me up if you need it.