4th Year | Economics, Spanish

Minor: Foreign Affairs






Organization of Young Filipino Americans, Zipcar Brand Representative

Secret Talent:

I can do the splits, but only my right split.

Fun Fact:

I am forever obsessed with Spain and anything Spanish

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

For Economics, I would recommend ECON 4220 with Van Wynn Coup. It’s one of the most interesting classes that I’ve taken at UVa and is taught very well. Eric is really knowledgable in International Finance and Economics and I think that he does a great job of making the material relevant today. It’s a rare class in that everything that you’re tested on was actually taught at some point in the class. He’s more concerned with you understanding the concepts and relating it back to the real world and current events than he is invested in tripping you up with unnecessary exam questions.

For Spanish, I would recommend taking anything with Profesor Gies. I took a Survey course with him and it was amazing. He’s such a passionate and caring teacher and he definitely knows what he’s talking about. He’s well connected with many Spanish speaking authors and overall a very interesting man. I wish I had taken advantage of his office hours and just spoke to him one on one. He’s a great guy.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

Unfortunately for Economics, I have yet to come across and easy A class. However for Spanish, in general they are relatively easy courses. It’s all a matter of how “easy” it is to get through the texts/materials in my opinion. One class that I took with Profesor Gerli was called Islamic Iberia and I thought it was such an interesting class. Maybe this goes back to my obsession with Spain, but this class opened my eyes to an entirely new historical dimension of Spain. The exams and papers were doable. And while there was a lot of reading, I almost always found it so interesting.