3rd Year | Cognitive Science, Psychology





You Should Know That I’m:

always down to hang out & talk, love EDM, can make a mean cereal, love a good sushi roll, got some killer dance moves & love to binge-watch Netflix shows (hit me up with some dank recommendations!!)


VISAS, working at the Special Collections Library, volunteering at the UVA hospital, working in research labs, PAFN

Secret Talent:

Eating everything in sight

Fun Fact:

I hate bananas with a burning passion

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

Abnormal Psychology with Professor Emery – you get a tour of a variety of the types of mental illnesses out there. Really interesting material. Professor Emery is really passionate about the subject & it shows in his lectures

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

Intro to African American Studies with Professor Otu – he teaches it in the Fall & he is extremely woke about societal issues today. He has no filter sometimes & it’s really fun. He even makes an effort to know every single one of his students. One of the best classes I’ve taken at UVA taught by a really great professor who knows his stuff