2nd Year | Economics | Pre-comm




Hong Kong

You Should Know That I’m:

Open, friendly, and glad to help with anything ranging from SIS, classes, clubs, the bus system, social life, etc!


Madison House, Smart Woman Securities, Club Swim, Blueprint Leadership

Secret Talent:

I can make a wave with my eyebrows

Fun Fact:

I am constantly searching for food & it never fails to cheer me up 🙂

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

COMM 2000 (Business Skills in Today’s Workplace) – this is a one credit pass/fail class intended to help you get a sense of what McIntire classes will be like. This class introduces you to a number of valuable skills and resources that you won’t necessarily obtain from ordinary pre-comm requirements, such as the importance of networking, public speaking, introduction to case studies, design thinking, etc. I would recommend this class to anyone unsure of whether or not that want to pursue commerce and/or just want to get a head-start on comm. However, this class is not limited to pre-comm students so anyone could take it and gain a lot out of it!

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

ECON 2020 with Coppock! I wouldn’t say this is an easy A, but Coppock is a very engaging and approachable professor and it isn’t hard to do well if you attend lecture and put in some effort, so 10/10 would recommend. Macroeconomics is super applicable to the real world, so even if you aren’t pursuing McIntire, Baten, or econ, having a bit of macroeconomics background will definitely be beneficial in the future.