2nd Year | Biomedical Engineering

Minor: Computer Science





You Should Know That I’m:

a slight health and fitness freak who also LOVES food


Vietnamese Student Association, Organization of Young Filipino Americans, Outdoors Club, Society for Women Engineers, Madison House, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology research, Challah for Hunger, Teacher’s Assistant, Literally anything to help procrastinate my homework

Secret Talent:

Taking pictures of food (follow my foodsta @ingestdigestblessed) 😉

Fun Fact:

I used to pole vault!

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

(If it’s still offered since the dude and gal who teach are about to graduate) I recommend a 1 credit course called BME 1501: Research in Regenerative Medicine- which is student taught, pass/fail, and super duper cool if you’re a huge science nerd like me and want to take advantage of the research opportunities around Grounds.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

A fun “easy A” course is BIOL 1040: DNA Revolution. I LOVE SCIENCE SORRY NOT SORRY but forreal I stopped going to lectures for the last month and killed that class. Highly recommend. Doug Taylor is an incredible lecturer and a really nice dude… he got hit by a bus one morning and still came to class. Mad respect.