4th Year | Commerce


New York


Syosset, NY (but I live in Northern VA now!)

You Should Know That:

I LOVE FOOD! I am known for having snacks with me at all times (:


The Solar Car Team at UVA
Asha for Education
McIntire Ambassadors
Women’s Business Forum at McIntire Mentor
Transfer Mentor
Transfer Advisory Board

Secret Talent:

I can imitate a baby’s voice and Bane from Batman oddly well. A little too well.

Fun Fact:

I’ve walked on fire before without burning my feet!

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

Comm Law I is a great and interesting class to take for anyone! The concepts are applicable in daily life, and Professor Moore is so helpful when it comes to remembering everything. She is also a hilarious and engaging professor!

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

Technosonics!! You get to make your own songs and do cool tunes!