2nd Year | Commerce, Computer Science | Pre-comm

Minor: Economics





You Should Know That I’m:

very willing to help them in any way possible.


Smart Women Securities, Student Council (CIO Consultant), FBLA, The Odyssey Online

Secret Talent:

You’ll never see anyone eat pad thai faster than I can

Fun Fact:

I can speak 4 languages

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

I think Microeconomics is a great course to take with Professor Elzinga. He makes economics very easy to understand because he uses real world implications in his lectures. This is also a requirement for the Comm school so it’s best to take it your first year.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

CHIN 2020/2060 is a Chinese class that helps native speakers or new learners practice their speaking and writing skills; it is super fun and manageable! You get to meet tons of friendly classmates and have a teacher that really dedicates her time to the class.