3rd Year | Biology | Pre-med




Seattle, Washington (now living in NOVA)

You Should Know That I’m:

A transfer student from out of state who found a home in the UVA community. I’m so excited to help you find your home here too!


VSA, ADAPT, InterVarsity, Madison House

Secret Talent:

Facebook stalking

Fun Fact:

I’m only 5’2″ but I love playing volleyball (and people are surprised when they see my hops!)

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

As pre-med, and a biology major, Human Anatomy and Physiology counts as both a major requirement and a lab, plus you’re getting more familiar with things that will be relevant in your future education!

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

I want to be a pediatrician, so child psychology and social psychology are both really fun and really interesting!