2nd Year | Commerce, Undecided, Public Policy and Leadership | Pre-Comm





You Should Know That I’m:

a friendly face that they can count on whenever they are here on grounds. I will be there to listen to you vent and will be there to comfort you with any advice I can give and any food I can feed you.



Secret Talent:

I can play the ukulele somewhat

Fun Fact:

I have the same birthday as former President Obama.

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

I would recommend taking an anthropology course. I took a class on the concept of culture and understanding the root of human behavior and how it has developed globally, which are themes that can be applicable to whatever field you end up going into.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

Social Psychology. This class was so interesting and the topics you learn are so applicable to everyday life. Literally, my friends started getting annoyed at me for always bringing the class up and what I learned in every conversation. I actually enjoyed reading the textbook (that’s when you know lol ). You learn everything from interpersonal attraction ( how to get people to like you/ how to break up with someone) to how to be an effective leader and work well in groups. 10/10 recommend.