3rd Year | Biology, Psychology| Pre-med

Minor: South Asian Studies





You Should Know That I’m:

a very friendly and open minded individual! Don’t hesitate to contact me 😀


Muslim Student Association, Pakistani Student Association, PAFN, Madison House-Med Services

Secret Talent:

I can whistle like a bird 😀

Fun Fact:

I have an Irish twin? My older sister and I were born 11 months apart!

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

If you are considering being a biology major/you could take EVSC 3200 for an elective. For a South Asian Studies minor/major, I would recommend any courses with Shankar Nair. He is a great lecturer and the structure of his course is pretty flexible. If you are considering on taking child psychology, I prefer taking it with Lillard since she lectures well.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

For an easy A course, you can take a COLA class which would not only fun, but an opportunity to get to know other transitioning freshmen! Chinese calligraphy was also an easy A course I took.