2nd Year | Biology | Pre-med

Minor: Spanish, Entrepreneurship





You Should Know That I’m:

the kind of person who needs ice cream and late night talks like air itself


Social Chair for Challah for Hunger, Women’s Leadership Development Program Committee, Organization for Young Filipino Americans

Secret Talent:

I’ve played harp for 12 years and I used to travel and perform with a harp ensemble

Fun Fact:

I can’t breathe when it’s windy out and I have the ability to fall on my face – any place, any time

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

If you’re not sure if you want to be pre-comm or in economics, definitely take Comm 1800 with Professor Kemp. It’s a great intro course and it got me interested in the Entrepreneurship minor.

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

I definitely recommend all first semester first years to take a COLA – I took Going Global on Grounds with Janet Horne and we covered some really interesting topics! They’re not a lot of work and you get to meet other first years in a more personal classroom setting.