2nd Year | Biology | Pre-med


North Carolina



You Should Know That I’m:

a Baller and I’m open to talk about anything! No topic is too weird or bad for me!


Chi Alpha, PAFN

Secret Talent:

I’m a SoundCloud rapper… or am I…

Fun Fact:

I’m five four and I can dunk!!! jk… i wish… Butttt, I wasn’t born here! I moved here when I was 9! I think…

Major-specific Course Recommendations:

Sociology of the Family! It’s so interesting and it really opened my eyes about the gender situation and the fundamentals of family and how the present culture is changing it. (I think I wrote a run-on sentence… but oh well)

Fun/Easy Course Recommendations:

I haven’t dabbled in enough classes to know that yet sadly… ENWR was pretty easy I guess.